Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday is always the best,right?

After two agonizing weeks,exam is finally over and T.G.I Friday.A lot of things have happen during these two weeks,but,I'll tell you about that after my results have come out.

Skip the exam subject,Friday.....ahhh the best day of the week.Saturday is good,but Friday is better,Haha.After a tiring day and knowing that at the end of the day,is my free time.So,I feel some sort of "adrenaline" rush.

Well,they say tomorrow is the end of the world,do you guys believe this?If it happens,the worst thing to me is that I wont be able to watch Kung Fu Panda 2.Let's pray that the world wont end tomorrow,and we'll be able to feel the sunlight shining at us.

P/S: Friday is still the best!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Happy day!

Well,today is mother's day ,although we celebrated for our mom,but it's still mother's day right?

Darn bored this morning,wake up,wash my oily face,brush my dirty teeth and had a cold bath.After that,straight away go do science revision,(cause exam is coming).Then,me and my family went to Equitorial Resort to bath in icy cold swimming pool.Well, my day ends pretty quickly as i swam and swam.

Erm...I'm gonna post about my photography next time and C&C is allowed.

P/S:Happy mother's day to all mother .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi,Nice to meet you all

Hi,My name is Jovial,14 this year,lives in Malaysia(what a wonderful country),worship Jesus.

Ok,let's start about my life.
My life is great just a few "unhappiness",with a wonderful family.Well...This is my second blog,I gave up on my last blog because that blog is about the childish me,now I no more boy,now men.

My dad is a wonderful father,and he is the reason why i choose Lord Jesus as my saviour .
My mom is also a wonderful cooking is simply the best,and without her,I wont be her sharing about my life.My bro......haha very kuailan,Me and him also quarrel x3 .

About my school life, things have been going well these days.Well, that's the summary of my life,14 years of my life is too long to be listed here,so let's skip to the end.

P/S:I hope that the world does not end till I can have kids.